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Bottomland, 2013

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Nocturn #411, 2012

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Blue Night, 2011.

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Solitude of Raven, Masahisa Fukase

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 Wakkanai, 1978, from The Solitude of Ravens, by Masahisa Fukase

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Masahisa Fukase

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87/909 my favorite dreams of you

by Molly Peck

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Masahisa Fukase

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Masahisa Fukase

Kanazawa from The Solitude of Ravens, 1977

gelatin silver print
11 x 16 1/2”

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Masahisa Fukase, from The Solitude of Ravens

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I by me (Oslo, 2009)

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Grunewald, Berlin, 2012

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Exit the gallery. With Jade Strange: Woodbury, TN / Polaroid Automatic 100 / Fuji FP3000b / Follow me on Facebook

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dead nature.

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Nature’s guidelines

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nude in nature #2.

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